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Yusimy Lara Portfolio

Work and Collaboration

Transforming Matter with Passion

Yusimy Lara is a Cuban born visual artist working and living in Miami, Florida. After completing an Associate in Arts, she is currently pursuing her BFA degree, at New World School of the Arts in Miami, Florida. Lara’s work has been exhibited in different venues of the Miami area, including the Martin and Pat Fine Center for the Arts, and Wynwood Art District. Her artworks were featured in the 2016 Edition of Arts & Literature Magazine, MIAMBIANCE. She was the recipient of the 2016 Outstanding Art Student Academic Award, from Miami Dade College. Her current artistic practice explores the visual effects of natural phenomena, and continues to expand through daily experiences.

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"Quest for Peace"--Martin and Pat Fine Center for the Arts,
2013, Miami, FL.

"Unestablished"--Wynwood Art District, 2014, Miami, FL.

"Emerging Artists"--Martin and Pat Fine Center for the Arts, 2014, Miami, FL.


My artworks are explorations of subjects that intrigue me. This curiosity materializes through artistic creations that mainly focuses on sculptural forms. Having Cuban origin and Italian influences, multi-cultural Miami has been the perfect ambiance for me to flourish. I work in different art disciplines from jewelry to sculpture, and enjoy each creative process. I am fascinated with the visual effects created by the interaction of Earth’s elements and time. Many of my creations are abstract representations of nature, and are closely related to geology. Striving to make artworks that combine grace and emotional relevance fulfills my every day.